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    Changing roads to look repaved
The roads in front of some of the listed properties were going to be repaved. The above image was taken before the repaving was done and was given to me to show how the new repaving would look. I was also asked to 'repaint' the red curb in front of the property too.
The revised image with the 'repaved' road created by blending gray into the road. I 'repainted' the curb by selecting it and making the red hue more vibrant. The yellow lines were also added.
The repaved and repainted version again - but now also with the second to bottom window on the left covered.
Another listing that was going to have the road in front repaved.
For this one it seemed to look best if I just selected the entire road and changed it to a lightly blended grey with the lines added since I wasn't having much luck with anything else I tried.