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We are proud and excited to present you our new project with
Kvart story is one of those unique examples we remember with enthusiasm.

Few months ago, a young married couple decided to enter entrepreneurship world and turn their idea into reality. They wanted their brand name to be Kvart (Neighborhood) as that is one crucial condition when people decide to buy real estate.

These great people have given us trust in creating a brand identity for their company. With no time left to waste, we immediately dived into the creation process. During an extensive brainstorming session, we successfully connected brand’s story with a slogan “Nekretnine A-Z” (“Real Estate A-Z”), where A-Z represents complete service-palette, but as well includes initials of both owners.
Thank you!

Agency: Onze Labs
Year: 2021 - Branding & Identity
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Ismail Halvadzija