Lend A Hand is a campaign creating awareness for a cause, Sex Trafficking.
The initial stage of the campaign revolved around creating awareness about 
Sex Trafficking. We concentrated on making people a part of it and for them not to look down upon the victims who suffer because of it. 
Stage 1 - Creating a mood board for it.
Stage 2 - Categorization
We categorized the mood board and looked into the following aspects:
- Sex Trafficking
- Prostitution
- Rehabilitation
- Social Acceptance
- Possible Symbols
- Logos/ Videos/ Tag lines
- Other Communication Collaterals

Stage 3 - Installation Ideas
Stage 4 - Prototyping

- We showed a gradation from black to white, with hues of red in the middle to show the transition from negative to positive.
- The installation begins with these women in a cage and very small in size who are eventually liberated with the combined effort of the society. 
- As more and more people become a part of the movement, The size of the bird increases along with the tones going lighter bird by bird

Stage 5 - Creating a silhouette
Our concept revolved around ‘Liberation of Sex workers’ and their acceptance in the society. To explain the same we came up the idea of using a bird silhouette made of a tessellation symbolizing the women in this profession. 
Stage 6 - On the job
Once the silhouette was decided, we started making them and pasting them on the transparent plastic sheet which was cut out like a bird.
Stage 7 - Colour play
Placing them on the floor to check the colour gradation. Soon enough they would be going up on ropes.
Stage 8 - Ensuring all the birds were properly placed and balanced on the ropes. 
Stage 9 - Stitching them from places for the ropes to hold the birds in place.
Stage 10 - With all the effort of taking it up 4 floors and then carefully unfoldiing them downwards, on the outside of the building.
Its up there, 72 feet tall!
Lend A Hand