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Envisioning. The App.
App Design
Preliminary Teaser for the App. 
In HD on YouTube:
— Science fiction and science fact are entangled  in an elegant and intuitive interface.
— Swipe. Tap. Get inspired. Randomly.
— Get one-tap access to your favorites.
— Get informed. Rotate your iPad for in-depth information about facts and fiction.
— The App features an easy-to use wizard to add your own movies and stills.
The iPad App »Envisioning« is part of my diploma thesis 
about the Human-Computer-Interaction in Science-Fiction-Movies.
*Please note, that this app is a concept only and unfortunately not available on the iPhone App Store. 
Envisioning. The App.

Envisioning. The App.

Interaction designers can be inspired by movies, a source they already love, and can learn from the interfaces in films and television. --- After Read More