Typography Poster-‘Expressing India through typography'
This is a poster created for the competition ‘Expressing India through typography’

When I started work on this theme so many things came in to my mind. Coz there is lot to describe India. We have 28 states and so many languages, religions and festivals. Great history and lot more...
I'd this thought in mind and I went for the trek on weekend, I was driving ohhighway... n suddenly a truck passed me... n i saw a typography on it...same time I realize this is the best way to express India.

We,Indians love colors.. which reflect in our clothes and festivals....We love bollywood films a lot... that is why there are temples of film stars in India. Same time we take care of our Family valuesand traditions. We Love expressing our-self...And the Most important thing is We love our country a lot 

Allthese things U can in this design
i.e. 'Mera Bharat Mahan'-reflects Love about country | 'Maa ki dua' – shows Family Value | 'Munni and Sheela' n 'Raja Hindustani' – shows passion and love about Films | u can see Lord Ganesha and indian design elements which reflects our faith towards god and culture..

thats it!