Split The Bills
Your Student Bills, The Easy Way
Split The Bills is a fresh, young and pioneering company that helps students across the country to easily share and split the costs of house bills so they can get on with the better things in life.
Customers benefit from personal accounts and pay only their share of the bills, with low competitive rates, flexible payments to suit their need and the ease of dealing with just one company. Services include gas, electric, water, broadband, sky tv and tv license. Usage and payments can be monitored from the My Split The Bills customer portal.
The Task
Split The Bills required a new design for its website and customer portal, a fresh creative approach and imrpoved ways to engage its audience through online and print media.
My Role
Working closely with the client I directed the creative approach, development of content and artwork. I was hands on in producing wireframes, user experience journeys and site maps, along with the design of the website, customer portal and offline print media. My role also extended to growing the brand's voice and credibility via online marketing that included social media, competitions, ads and email.
The Solution
Split The Bills intended to be engaging, young and different from the start, differentiating itself from others in an industry that suffers all too often from corporatism and a lack of humanity.
A fresh creative approach was chosen that would bring to life the brand's core values and convey the optimism of the easy life where the bills just take care of themselves. The use of illustrations and strong, young colours in the creative style would bring the product messaging to life in a vivid and memorable way, while fresh talking points emphasised product innovations to differentiate the brand and support the its reputation and credibility.
Over the 12 months following the launch of the new website – visits to the site increased by 273%, unique page views increased by 398%, while the bounce rate decreased by 36.11%. Visitors spent on average 185% more time on the site, with pages viewed per session going up by 36.77% (more engaged).
On Facebook Split The Bills' fanbase grew from 659 likes to over 3,190 over a period of 4 months, up 484%. Further activity increased the number of likes to over 5,500, outpacing it's closest competitor by about 1,000 likes.
Visit the website to experience the website first hand:
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Online Marketing
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Client: Split The Bills
Year: Jan 2013 - Aug 2014
UX Design & Creative Direction: Gautama Payment
Content & Direction: Ashley Tate
Illustration: David Jesus Vignolli
UX Build: Rich Jones
Backend Build: Andy Goundry
Split The Bills

Split The Bills

Split The Bills helps students across the UK to save money and time by taking the hassle out of shared bills, including Gas, Electricity, Water, Read More