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    This is the rebranding of Digital Walker, the Philippines' leading retailer of the world’s most cutting-edge consumer technology.
This is the rebranding project I did for Digital Walker under the creative direction of Dwight Co. This is one of the works I did for Bad Idea, a content company. :)
"Digital Walker is the Philippines’ leading retailer of the world’s most cutting-edge consumer technology. In the whole country, there are no other retailers that come close to the massive diversity 
and quality of consumer tech products that we currently have.

Our mission is to bring the world’s coolest and most tasteful consumer technology into the hands of Filipinos through the best retail experience in the country. We want to show people how technology can make their lives more colorful."

This is the old logo.
We were inspired by the forms our legs make when we walk. We based the new logo on this.
I made the icon.
Dwight added the type.
Illustration by Andi Lanuza
The store was designed by KM Interior Design Manila.
Artworks by Andi Lanuza
This Digital Walker's Facebook page. Cover photo illustration by Sara Erasmo.