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Pif - Il Testimone

Il Testimone

We really love what we do, but sometimes we develop a deep connection with the project, and this is when we work on something we are really passionate about, something that is close to us as human beings.

We’ve been really honoured to work with someone we’ve always loved and respected.

With his “Il TestimonePif wrote the history of the Italian TV. He developed a whole new narrative tone, a unique point of view, bringing on the screen, for the first time, the experience of living a story through the authors eyes and ears.

Pif and his camera are the only intermediaries between us, the viewers, and the story itself. He brings us into worlds we wouldn’t be able to discover without him, through his eyes we see the world as he is seeing it and, somehow, we are not just watching a story, we are experiencing it.

This is why the new title sequence of “Il Testimone” had to be focused on Pif itself, it’s thank to his approach and perception that a whole generation grew up and matured.

Pif collects and elaborates the images and the words he meets in his reportage, giving us back not just the facts, but his inner vision of the world.
In this abstract universe we can find photographs, words, objects and a new Pif, more intense and deep.


Creative Direction: Daniele Gavatorta
Producer: Letizia Saponaro
Design and Animation: Daniele Gavatorta

Client: Sky
Team Sky: Costanza Bombarda,Tatiana Manca
Production house: Roadmovie
Massimo Schiavon
Shooting Assistant:
Julien Dehersemaeker
Gaffer: Riccardo
2nd Electrician:
Yuri Carbonara
Grip Master:
Giuseppe Riccardi
Filippo Riccardi
Hair & Make Up:
Daniele Francolino
Stylist: Paola Daverio

Original music:
Smider Agency (

Special thanks to
Pierfrancesco Diliberto (aka Pif)
Luca Monarca

Pif - Il Testimone