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  • Booth Design and Interactive Video Wall Presentation
    Customer: IP Agency on behalf of Moscow City Government
    October 2013, Open Innovations 2013, Moscow, Russia

    After the great success of our project at Hannover Messe this spring, IP Agency hired us again to design an entire exhibition stand for the Moscow City Government. In October, they were present at Open Innovations in Moscow to introduce an urban development project at Yuzhni Port.

    We created a spacious stand design that, due to its open nature, would invite the visitors to linger on and get familiar with the project. In the center of the booth we placed a massive multimedia installation that served as focal point and information hub.

    It consisted of a video wall made up of eighteen screens, which were embedded into an LED backdrop. With a size of 13 by 4.5 meters, the installation was used to present project details. Via a touch-screen desk, the speaker was able to select one of six topics that highlighted certain areas of the development plans, such as transportation, living areas, cultural sites and much more.

    We created a futuristic presentation design, using easily understandable graphs and diagrams to visualize the complex data in easily understandable ways. This was especially important as the Moscow City Government invited landlords, business owners and potential investors of the project to a panel discussion on the booth.

    The presentation at Open Innovations was a great success and will be used again at future events by the Moscow City Government to present their plans for Yuzhni Port.