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The Amazing Arts Race 2021
Murals 'Round the World
Chronicles of the Amazing Arts Race Summer Camp, 2021
Girls First and Montgomery County Community College
Every year at the Amazing Arts Race summer camp we explore world cultures, art forms, dance, and team building challenges.  This year was no exception, though we went big for 2021: murals!  We studied various types of wall paintings/installations with our campers, from Neolithic cave paintings to projected silhouette portraits, and street installations to pixel art.  Here are some of the creative, amazing pieces by our campers this year...
First things first: team names and flags!  Here are the Lascaux Wild Cats (named for the Lascaux cave paintings in France)
And now Team Swordfish
Cave Paintings 
Inspired by recently-discovered Neolithic paintings in Colombia's Amazon and Indonesia, as well as the Lascaux cave paintings, our teams used earth-toned pastels and some very painty hands to imagine the daily activities and dramas that ancient peoples might have witnessed.
Ms. Raeanna working with the Lascaux Wildcats on their cave art under dim lighting
It's a bear!
Team Lascaux Wildcats' final cave painting
Panorama of Team Swordfish's final cave art
Silhouette Portrait Mural
For this mural campers worked in teams to project and draw each other's silhouettes onto canvas and paper.  The hardest part was keeping still while someone drew your shadow!  Those silhouettes were then defined on an 18-foot canvas and inpainted, with some select color accents added.  Each silhouette definitely captures the personality of each artist!
Ms. Amy from Girls First adds some final touches to the installation of the mural at Einstein Medical Center, where it was on display from July-Nov. 2021.  Special thanks to the Greater Norristown Art League for inviting us to display this piece among other murals by local art camps in the hospital's hallway gallery.
The mural in the Braemer Building of Einstein Medical Center Montgomery County
"Street" art installations
Taking inspiration from the works of Banksy and other street art, campers were tasked with developing an installation somewhere in our Fine Arts Center.  After finding a location that sparked their imagination, campers came up with their own designs, which camp leaders helped cut out and spray paint.  Here are some of their genius ideas!  
Jennifer reimagined a simple exit sign as a harrowing drama and dash to the safety of the outdoors.
Chrissy had fun with mimicry for her art piece.
An astronomical collaboration from Ava (left) and Carmy (right)
A very serpentine installation by Izzy and Paprika
A battle looms between a dragon (left) and evil unicorn/pegasus (right) in this piece by Makayla
Ava used an emergency light as the head for her Frog Man...
...which was paired with Alana's Pin Man.
Josie chose to fragment her installation into smaller parts, with floating butterflies scaling the columns of the gallery.
Cheyenne's vertical drama of angels and demons looks like a modern abstract art piece...
...while Lucy located this angel (appropriately) upstairs in a mezzanine space.
Normally it's the sloths that hang upside down not the trees, but Angie and Sherlyn flipped the script and animated a forgotten nook of the gallery with these whimsical creatures.
Sherlyn's design
Angie's design
Jayla's abstract tree design is home to a bat (top) coming home to rest.
Karla designed this family group
Pixel Murals
There's something ironic in thinking of a large art form like a mural as a set of enlarged pixels, those tiny digital dots that we see by the billions every day but never notice.  Campers took to the challenge with relish, and worked in amazingly efficient teams of 5-6 to complete these pixelated animals and characters.
At work on a pixelated Olaf
When our artists ran out of vertical wall space for their pixel Olaf they imagined him melting in the July heat and spilling onto the floor.
Carmy went solo for this project
Side project: a "5 stroke challenge" fruit mural.  Artists could only paint their fruit or vegetable using no more than 5 brush strokes (with some license given for added textures and, well, blueberries).  
Thanks for viewing!  
For some videos of this amazing artwork in action you can view our camp slideshow and dance video over on YouTube.  Enjoy!  
The Amazing Arts Race 2021

The Amazing Arts Race 2021