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LeasePlan Executive Summary 2020
Graphic Design
You own the road. Literally.
When asked by the client, one of the world’s leading car leasing companies, to design their executive summary of 2020, we deployed Boo Republic’s passion and understanding for unique materials that can bring a brand’s essence to life.This project’s grand guest is the asphalt cloth, a rubbery cloth-like material, used primarily for insulation on rooftops and other surfaces as well as minor road repairs, which resembles closely the look of asphalt. Here it was used to dress the top front of the executive summary’s custom designed cardboard container. It was cut, modified and glued on, all carefully performed by hand, in order for the finished product to look polished and feel durable. Visually, it creates a grungy contrast to the brand’s dynamic orange colours and clean graphics, offering an eccentric interpretation to a service widely considered mundane and corporate. The connotation of the road, via this tactile design choice is not only pleasing to the eye and the touch, but also tells a story in a simple second.

Boo Republic for LeasePlan 2020

creative direction & concept: Boo Republic
packaging design & assembly: Boo Republic
printhouse: Fotolio
art director: Irini Christopoulou (imba)
designer: Danai Smoustopoulou (imba)
junior designer: Maria Hasioti (imba)

LeasePlan Executive Summary 2020