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    Dick Smith Christmas Campaign
The Challenge
Create an engaging christmas campaign through the Dick Smith brand.
The Solution
Christmas is no longer just about gifts, it’s about access, it’s about connecting, it’s about making sure that your loved ones know how much you care about them. We connect through technology, we connect via social mediums and – at Christmas – we connect with loved ones. And via the Dick Smith Christmas Connect Card, you can connect your own Christmas purchase to a gift purchase for your loved one. So, this year at Dick Smith, ‘it’s a Connected Christmas’.
Key Visual Device
This is about showing the access you can have to the Dick Smith universe, via an edited range of high quality technology in one store. It’s about finding the right gift channel, and it’s about access to it all. The seemingly infinite possibilities of finding the right gift for the right person. Visually it’s a hat tilt to all the different technologies and how they affect the social circles we shop in, talk in and circulate within. And most importantly, it’s about connecting them all together.
In-store Brand Posters
Ribbon wrapping around the store
Gift Card
Store front window decal
EAS Gate wrap
Floor Entrance Decal
Dick Smith Choir Peronalised, Dick Smith Greeting
Social TV Facebook Shout out and Christmas Messaging