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Village.Works — Italy
Scope of (my) Work
Brand Identity Design
Video Production
Web Design
Copy Writing
Backend Systems

Video Credits
Producer, Director, Writer, Editor — Simon von Elgg
Director of Photography — Nathan Thompson
Production Sound — Gabriel Sarango
All-inclusive, regenerative slow travel to magical villages around the world.

Village.Works provides eco-conscious travelers a way to experience truly authentic culture through localized, all-inclusive slow travel. Taking a maximum of 16 Guests per group, travelers are introduced to regions that remain unmolested by mass-tourism. Village.Works is designed to uplift not only guests, but locals, local culture, and Mother Nature, too.

When we began, Village.Works was little more than an idea with a name. Our Italian partners took on mobilizing the village and their services while we in the U.S. focused on building a brand, capturing and creating content, building business systems and marketing tools.

Our first trips were scheduled for 2020 but (as you can imagine) Coronavirus had other plans. Italy is still shut down for international travel, but Village.Works has every intention of resuming services ASAP.

Visit Village.Works for more information. 
Inaugural location based in Tuscia, Italy.
Enriching guests with all-inclusive & authentically local cultural experiences.

Village.Works is the anti-tourbus, helping hidden-gems to quietly live on and prosper—preserving and protecting ancient cultural traditions and one-of-a-kind environments.

Mission Statement
Enliven guests; revitalize villages.

Vision Statement
Guests, not tourists.

Brand Promise
Your rustic revival.

Local Stories
My challenge was to capture and communicate the wild, rustic magic of Tuscia and its people; a lens into a more harmonious way of life.

The people of Tuscia have a paced, intentional lifestyle that teaches us about quality of life and a healthy perspective on nature.  They continue to inspire happier, kinder, and more intentional lives—and that deserves to be shared.
Moving Portraits
We created video portraits of Tusica locals to celebrate our local business partnerships and to familiarize guests with the folks they’re likely to encounter on their journey.
Thanks for viewing!
Unfortunately, the COVID-19 Pandemic put Village.Works temporarily out of business. Some of our contacts in Italy passed away, and the inability to host travel during those years put a lot of financial strain on our launch year (2020). If you or someone you know would be interested in helping us to continue our work to improve the travel industry, please reach out to me! This is a passion project for me, and I truly believe in this project. It was sad to have to close our doors before we could really get in full-swing, but it was such a joy to create this content and work with the locals, that I'm still happy we did it.​​​​​​​
Village.Works — Italy
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Simon von Elgg

Village.Works — Italy

Branding, photography, video and web design for all-inclusive travel services to Italian villages.