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    Creative Animodel provides a complete range of customized transgenic services, which are offered on a modular basis.
Custom Model Generation Solutions
You design the study, we'll design the mouse.
Taconic's Custom Model Generation Solutions empower our clients to develop research models specifically suited to the unique needs of their discovery studies or therapeutic programs. As a market leader with decades of experience in custom model generation, Taconic partners with clients to design, develop, and breed high-quality humanized, RNAi, and genetically engineered mouse and rat models.
The Animal Models Core offers a full range of pronuclear injection services for production of transgenic mice. Transgenic mouse production is available in C57BL/6, FVB and B6D2 strains. Transgenic injections can also be performed in custom strains provided by the client. Transgene cloning and BAC recombineering services are available for production of transgenes.
By applying innovations in biotechnologies and robotics, Taconic offers clients the opportunity to develop custom models in the fastest timeframes possible.