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    A beer brand inspired by venomous animals and courageous humans.
Pufferfish innards, especially their liver, are extremely poisonous to humans, yet high cuisine chefs still prepare this animal as a fine dining dish. 
Snakes are the most famously known venomous animals in the kingdom and are dangerous to humans, but ingesting snake's venom can cause no harm. Surprisingly people drink venoms and we now know that hemotoxins taste sweet while neurotoxins taste vile and bitter.
Also eels are normally not dangerous to humans yet eating an uncooked eel can kill you swiftly; less than 20 drops of eel's blood can kill you. Eel's blood is extremely poisonous but digesting or heating the eel renders the toxin useless. 
This beer plays off these facts and uses photorealism to stand out from the rest of the beers on the shelf.