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Swirl man

Postcard proposal for the Postalfree company competition.
Proposta de postal para o concurso da empresa Postalfree.


Personal avatar.  I promise I'm friendlier than I look in here!

Series of mugs with bird illustrations. Client: SPEA BirdLife Portugal.
Série de canecas com ilustrações de aves. Cliente: SPEA BirdLife Portugal.

Inês Afonso

Pocket Knife

Formal and morphological analysis of a pocket knife.  Illustration of its functionality through an infographic.

A Mysterious case

Illustration of a crime story about the brand Deotak, deodorizing creme from Couto, S.A.

Face to Face

Photographic collection of objects figuring human/animal facial expressions.  Sentimental Monsters is my creative interpretation of those images.

Thank you!

Made with love by Susana Costa
Contact: info@susana-costa.com