Fire Bowl Cafe
The logotype for Fire Bowl Cafe expressed a contemporary sensibility, while the bowl graphic and Asian characters provided a nod to tradition.
The brand signature converted well to a visible presence in the strip center environment, adaptable to property-specific guidelines.
Budget limitations provided the opportunity for me to create in-store graphics utilizing a low-tech pinhole camera, adding an artistic touch while making the ingredients the heroes.

Backlit photo transparencies showcased the variety of noodle options available.
Store entrances established amodern and energetic tone with the expansion of the fire motif.
Pinhole camera photos became an interchangeable image library, shown here on the business stationery.
The color, graphic and image elements of the brand program applied well to take-out containers, menus and accessories.
Integration of photos and graphics on the drink cups was beyond vendor printing capabilities in this segment.
Production of this Chinese New Year calendar marking the launch of the brand required communication with the manufacturer in mainland China.
Illustrations for each of the Chinese Zodiac’s twelve animal signs combined contemporary graphic imagery with the correct calligraphic symbol. 
T-shirts of the Zodiac characters were a popular retail item, and many “signs” sold out quickly. 
Staff uniforms featured brand graphics that were consistent with the menu and signage designs.