HeartBit–Smart ECG monitoring



HeartBit is a compact measurement device capable of real-time stress ECG monitoring in a comfortable, wearable format for sports activities. HeartBit can help users to optimize their exercises and immediately warns them of anomalies related to heart function. HeartBit’s device can fit on two platforms: one on a multi sensor top during sport activities and one on the charger when it needs to be recharged. 

X-Plast was involved in the project from the product design phase and was responsible for the simulation aided product  development, material selection and manufacturing of all injection molded parts. During this project, cooperation between our experts made it possible to work effectively as time was of the essence. HeartBit's conceptual design was far from manufacturing, significant changes needed in order to meet manufacturability requirements. The selection of raw materials was completed in the early stages of development and FEA and Moldflow simulation were also prepared to help our designers in the iteration process. It was crucial to achieve a lightweight design with maximum stiffness, while minimizing warpage. Several injection molded samples were prepared before mass production to ensure HeartBit turning into a high-end quality product.

HeartBit–Smart ECG monitoring