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    Various logo design for various companies.
I create this logo for personal use. This summer, me my husband Ivan and friend Mikan, will go and hike in the north of Sweden. We will pass north part, first 100km, of famous King's trail. For all of us this will be first time to go inside the Artic circle, and that give Ivan idea for the quest name :)
"Majee" logo made for my good friend. She is amazing artist and craft maker and this logo is for new line of T-shirts and Jewellery. 
Logo for coffee and sports bar on Cyprus

Logo design for publishing house
Logo design for "laki dah" publishing house.
Logo Design for Kitesurfing club Sandbox
Logo design for "Sandbox" kite surfing club in Montenegro.
Logo for Swedish company
Logo design for clothing brend
Logo for Swedish company

Logo design for company sweetpayments.com

Logo design for baby diapers Bamboono
Logo design for artist Ana Ilic
Logo design for Skate shop in Serbia
Logo design for my company 
Logo design for organic farm in Serbia
Logo design for clothing brand 
Ana Ilic - ilustratio, Danica Gilic - tipografi design
Logo design and typography design.
Logo design for coffee bar 

Typography design