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    Lettering for GulishClothing™ slogan. Art direction and brand consulting.
GulishClothing is the personal project of Jonel Rodríguez, young New York entrepreneur who makes his way with talent and enthusiasm. Those are his weapons.
The brand is Jonel's vision about the clothing in his own closest enviroment, the clothing he knows best. The collection handles the language of the street, the neighborhood, but raising the level, bringing style and content, rejecting hip-hop topics. Gulish is opposed to the dominant easy-wear style, standardized, trivial, superficial, full of stereotyped underground codes. Gulish Clothing™ means class, distinction and personal style. GulishClothing™ is pride and message.
My mission for Gulish is being to create the main elements of a visual identity that will be gradually developed. Graphic design, elementary art direction and consulting to this embryonic project, financed by crowdfunding.

Gulish Clothing™ es el proyecto personal de Jonel Rodríguez, joven empresario neoyorquino que se abre camino a base de talento y entusiasmo. Esas son sus armas.
La marca plasma la interpretación de Jonel Rodríguez de la indumentaria que conoce bien, la de su propio entorno cercano. Sus colecciones manejan el lenguaje de la calle, del barrio, elevando el nivel, aportando estilo y contenido, rechazando tópicos hip-hop. Gulish es la contraposición al estilo esasy-wear dominante, estandarizado, insustancial, formal y repleto de códigos underground estereotipados. Gulish Clothing™ es clase, distinción y personalidad. Gulish Clothing™ es orgullo y mensaje.
Mi misión para Gulish está siendo la de crear los elementos principales de una identidad visual que se desarrollará poco a poco. Diseño gráfico, dirección de arte elemental y asesoramiento para este proyecto embrionario, financiado mediante crowdfunding.
The lettering tries to respect the strict rules and accurate construction of formal script/copperplate style. When displayed in big sizes, the lettering show a high contrast between thin and thick strokes. To assure the readability, this contrast has been reduced in a small size version. The client asked me to include quotes and the subtile integration of an "infinite" symbol. See the last atipical swash.
The real challenge: the vector work.
Above: First sketch and process.
I made a quick scheme to explore the composition, the correct interlace of the flouriches, the place where they cross each other and the right thickness in each point. I just needed that sketch to show the near look and feel to the client. The rest would be solved during the vector work.
Below: Alternative (scheme) for the last swash that improves de balance of the join. Recommended by Rod Sawatsky.
My sincere thanks to
-   Rod Sawatsky  and   Josep Patau -
for sharing their knowledge generously.
Without their help, this lettering
would have been a real crap.

Thanks for your appreciation.