The Gift of Curiosity

Interactive Paper Design
I was supposed to make interactive design out of a piece of paper. The ratio of the paper and one text was given. I chose a second text about curiosity that make people go into a child like mood. I made the second text somewhat difficult to read, so that people who are curious can read and get the point of the reason behind my project. The box was to protect the fragile paper sculpture but to suggest to play with the paper at the same time. I hoped people will want to play with the bending, pulling, and reading - interact with the piece. Overall, I wanted to convey that as a designer, evoking curiosity is the most important task of all.
The magic with curiosity is that once you start to break through the barriers,
you can quickly return to a state of child-like wonder and questioning. [
by. Jim Canterucci]
But what is a virtue except right relationship between the Whole and the Part? In other words, harmony between the Whole and the Part is true virtue,... Be it remembered, however, that the whole is not the sum of its parts. The putting together of parts does not create a psychological, a living whole, although it may create a mechanical whole. The Whole has to be perceived first before the Parts can be brought together in a harmonious pattern. The process cannot be reversed. Without perceiving the Whole the problem of relationship cannot be effectively tackled. [by. Rohit Mehtq]