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photo by Piotr Szczepański
I am drawn to various forms of artistic expression. While painting a picture I think of the light that will fill it. While designing a reflector I hear sounds that will accompany the exhibition. While composing music I see colors I will use. My imagination runs on different levels at the same time, that is why I'm fascinated by the opportunity to speak to many senses that way I can show the complexity of my visions.
The pace of our everyday life, its pragmatism and multiplicity of stimuli make it increasingly difficult to concentrate, to look inside yourself. The phenomenon of deeper content, that doesn't bring immediate material benefits are becoming less important. Art nevertheless requires concentration, intellect, time and commitment.
I'm searching for a form that won't aggressively compete for receptors' attention, but will gently stop them, and will let them catch their breath. When the noise fades away, a space for imagination, sensitivity, intuition opens up.

My compositions are not random. Each element is a complement to another but at the same time is complete and has intrinsic value. Each has a certain function and has its specific place. However, the message contained in them is deliberately hidden, and unobtrusive. It's important for me that the recipients wishing to read it, take a kind of journey, during which, at the first place, they will have a chance to see their own projections, dreams, images.

photo by Piotr Szczepański