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    Major Project final outcome. The experiment of Moiré pattern.
Moiré Effect
01 Black and White 
‘As machine become more and more efficient and perfect, so it will become clear that
imperfection is the greatness of man’
- Ernst Fischer -
This experimentation of moiré effect aims to show the potential of imperfection in graphic design. The moiré effect represents as an imperfection in printing process. As it is interference pattern in four-colour printing production, it’s referred to mistaken and unpredictable accident that designers try to avoid them from their finished work. In this book will explore and experiment moiré effect on purpose by turn the unwanted pattern to something new and novel. To change the way of seeing and understanding about imperfection that it can become an advantage.

Letterpress printing is the process I used throughout this book because it is a craft or hand print technique, which is related to my major project context. Letterpress printing provides a natural feeling to the prints; it prints nice texture of wood grained, it has rough feeling that I called beneficial imperfection. In this experiment you will see a variety of moiré patterns in black and white and how they change after I randomly twist the angles of line patterns. In the book,
there is the print of one layer to four layers, which means I print one layer in one press and four layers in four presses. Basically, line patterns are printed on top of each other that why the interesting moiré is occurred. Those repeated straight and curve lines were created by laser-cutting machine; material is MDF wood with 3mm. thickness of line and 18mm. of base.
This final outcome was developed from the 'Imperfection-ist' book which used risograph printing.
- 0 1 -
Black and White
2 Layers / 6pt.
3 Layers / 6pt.
3 Layers / 6pt.
2 Layes / 6pt.
3 Layers / 6pt.
3 Layers / 6pt.
2 Layers / 8pt.
3 Layers / 8pt.
The End.