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The Best Cost Effective Website Builder for Restaurants
The Best Cost Effective Website Builder for Restaurants

Restaurants once made every preparation inside and outside the kitchen to welcome guests. They have now completely altered their mode of operation, particularly, to keep pace with the business challenges of the post pandemic new normal. 

Restaurants have now understood that fighting competition and sustenance is far beyond the kitchen or the brick and mortar restaurant. Without a dedicated website at their behest, restaurants can easily lose ground even if they cook the tastiest dishes in town. This is because customers expect more than good food and taste from restaurants.

With people confined to their homes and social gatherings restricted to a large extent, the possibilities of dining out has declined drastically. For the safety of themselves and the society as a whole, people try and avoid consuming food at public places. This means that restaurants have to accustom themselves to operate in a virtual world where customers can order food conveniently and restaurants can deliver them at home or offer it as a curbside pickup. 

To win in a world where the no-contact mode reigns, it is imperative that restaurants get their online presence established in a way that is quick and easy for the guests and income generating for the restaurant. 


If you dream about owning a good website, but not willing to spend much on it, then the best way is to use a website builder, who can get things done in a pocket-friendly manner. 

REMEMBER: There is no perfect website builder. But, there is one that is most likely to meet your needs.

The following are the factors that can help you determine whether the website building platform is the right one for you.

Ease of Use

The ways of creating a website should be extremely simple. Any layman without coding knowledge should be able to make use of the website builder to create a restaurant website on his own, within minutes. 

Also, getting a preview of how the website would look once it is done is essential so that corrections are made instantaneously. This is one of the fundamental prerequisites for any good website builder. 

Content Management System

The presence of a content management system will enable you to work with speed and comfort over a large number of identical information blocks.

If constant content updating is on the agenda, a CMS can help in a significant way. 

Quality and Quantity of Templates with Customization

Any website builder will offer you pre-curated website templates for you to choose from. But, you must be able to judge their professionalism based on the number and quality of templates offered by them. 

If the website builder is able to offer you a handsome number of templates and also options for customization, then you have a reason to choose them over the others. Just look out for builders offering you readymade solutions that could take you to your dream website within minutes. 

During the process of customization, you should be able to change the positions of the logo and company’s name or use a beautiful font for it on the website’s header. The ability to move elements to any spot across the screen or change the color and font in the virtual menu should also be possible. 

That is when a website builder can be relied upon for providing you with templates that are customizable, in the true sense.  


Most website builders would offer only a basic package for free while reserving the crucial functionalities for the paid subscriptions. 

Rather than choosing website builders who promise everything for free, trust those who offer a great suite of services for a nominal price. This is because, when everything is offered for free, it is most likely to be a trap, wherein you end up paying more than what is acceptable.

Domain names when offered for free also end up being third-level names that are hard to remember and rank low in search results.

So, never hesitate to pay a decent price to get the right kind of services that will help you beat competition, generate traffic and revenue.

SEO Options

All website builders promise Search Engine Optimization and other onsite promotional tools. But, not all website builders can provide you with suitable SEO tools. 

A few site builders will permit you to add SEO data for the entire website. Thus, tags would automatically be added to pages. This is not always favorable. 

While using certain platforms, you will be able to work on every single page. But, you might not be permitted to add analytical tools or manually modify any text files.  

Social Media Tools

It is highly recommended that you take into consideration the importance of social networks while developing your website. If your focus is on LinkedIn and Facebook, ensure that the website builder provides the option of interacting with the social media of your choice. 

Get to know beforehand how the share button or other tools on the website actually function. At times, when a blog or article is shared from the website, either too much is sent to the social media page or nothing worth reading gets shared. A similar problem is experienced in image scaling. Some images that appear beautiful on the website lose their sheen when shared on a social media platform. Some images become far too big or small to create a positive impact. 

Responsive Design

A responsive layout enables a website to relocate the blocks depending on the size of the screen. When the control elements are increased in proportion, their visibility increases. The user can, thus, view them easily and also interact with them in the desired manner. In a responsive layout, blocks that are not important can be moved to the lower portion of the page.

Any layout should target at satisfying mobile traffic. Today, it is mobile that accounts for nearly half of the global web traffic. Search engines also have a penchant for websites with a responsive layout. 

Thus, if a website builder offers a responsive layout with gadget compatibility, you have a concrete reason to choose it.

Page Load Speed

Websites made using sub-standard website builders take a longer time to load. This annoys the visitors who leave the page almost instantaneously. Bounce rates become higher affecting not just sales, but the position of the website in search results too. 

Thus, one must always use a professional site builder to get the website loaded within 3 seconds. 

What Costs? What is Free?

Before launching the website, it is extremely important to have a clear understanding of what services will be rendered for free and what will cost you money. Otherwise, last moment hitches are likely to arise and disrupt the process. 

Always make sure that you understand the price plan of the website builder thoroughly. Talk to them in detail. Leave no space for doubt or inhibition when price plans are discussed. This will ensure a smooth financial transaction and an enduring relationship between you and the website builder. 

Customer Support

A website builder, while empowering you during the website creation process, should also be able to assist you in every possible manner when you encounter difficulties. 

Choose a website builder who lends 24 * 7 uninterrupted customer service with a smile. This can make a great deal of difference in your initial stages of building a website.

Having read the above 10 factors that could affect your choice of a website builder, here is a choice that we would like you to make - Restaurantify

Restaurantify is a website building platform that caters exclusively to the needs of restaurants. It is an extremely user-friendly website building platform. People with no knowledge of coding can create professional websites on their own using it.

There are hundreds of templates readily available, with the option of customization. It delivers every promise made to the person looking to get a website done - the first promise being, getting a website ready in under 10 minutes. 

Their pricing plans are transparent without any hidden costs or commissions. They are also available round the clock for discussions about their cost structures or any other  professional conversations. Websites created using Restaurantify possess a responsive design, are gadget compatible and have an amazing loading speed. 

SEO tools are in-built in websites built using Restaurantify. They also integrate links to the restaurant’s social media platforms. 

Being the most reliable brand for restaurant website building, it is wise that restaurants looking to build a professional and revenue generating website choose Restaurantify for realizing their website goals.
The Best Cost Effective Website Builder for Restaurants
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The Best Cost Effective Website Builder for Restaurants