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    Seyyar Sesler 5
What is the ‘’Seyyar Sesler’’ ?
Seyyar Sesler is a fanzine for an indefinite period of time. It is not for Internet, it is just available in a hardcopy format. It has been publishing for 3 years and 5th issue's just come out. There is no English version. Every issue has a particular subject but writers don’t have to stick to this subject. Seyyar Sesler is a fanzine that is incorporating textual content with illustrative visual content. Every issue prepared with a same kind of paper material and it has designed in same dimensions. Seyyar Sesler doesn’t have any literary values. It is very worth collecting. It can be found in all bookstores located in Beyoğlu & Kadıköy districts of Istanbul that always have fanzines in their stocks. Shipping for outside of Istanbul can be available upon request and collector should accept to pay shipping cost.

Mesut Uğurlu

Atilla Karabay
Burak Tığlı
Can Dağlı
Cihan Önder
İlkay Alptekin
Görkem Şanlık
Mesut Uğurlu
Uğur İslim
illustrator: Mesut Uğurlu

illustrator: Görkem Şanlık

illustrator: Atilla Karabay

illustrator: İlkay Alptekin

illustrator: Can Dağlı

illustrator: Uğur İslim
illustrator: Burak Tığlı
illustrator: Cihan Önder

Photographer: Önder Tür