Visual identity for a lifestyle and travel content creator
Cece Marule is the name of a YouTube content creator. The name works as a personal brand and is also the name to her YouTube channel. The YouTube channel is focused on travel and lifestyle. She records her experiences and shares her insights on places to go, and what to look out for. It is all about the journey and she captures and shares hers with her subscribers. She wanted to polish her social accounts, mainly YouTube as this is something she was passionate about.
Tshomoko Digital and Differ Designs Co collaborated on the visual identity design for Cece Marule. It was a fun and swift experience working alongside the Tshomoko Digital team to create an identity system that resonated greatly with Cece Marule. Our goals were clear, keep it simple and add some elegance to it. Since she had a short name, a wordmark logo design was the perfect option. We came with three distinct designs. The chosen logo design is elegant and just a breath of fresh air.

Since the graphic design work was mainly going to be used for social platforms we made sure to include a social avatar as well. The logo design and logo mark work together seamlessly. The logo is usable on all large media branding and the logomark working well as a watermark on her videos. The overall design work gives her channel a more sophisticated look and feel.
Logo - Cece Marule