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Hélastige | Gelato Brand Identity
Hélastige is a gelato brand based in Davis, California and founded by the Goodman siblings in 2020. A family-owned business that sells homemade gelato with different flavors made from natural ingredients. The inspirations for the identity came from their story, when their father bought them a cone of ice cream and told them to share it together on a hot summer afternoon, they were instantly happy. Growing up with the memory of sharing an ice cream cone and being content with it, they want to spread that feeling to everyone by opening a gelato shop. 

Hélastige aims to bring joy to every scoop of elastic gelato, put a smile on everybody, gather people with their loved ones and effortlessly express their love to each other.

Hélastige | Gelato Brand Identity
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Multiple Owners
Liam Nguyen