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Awesome Australia
The Haughty and the Naughty: The swell waves playfully crash over the London Bridge, a site experienced as you drive along the Great Ocean Road. 
"Sunset of a Lifetime": What could be more delightful for a photographer than when you reach the most photographed site on the Great Ocean Road.. The 12 Apostles... and then are greeted with a stunning sunset with sunrays squeezing through the clouds.......  You need to just stand for long moments and witness the majesty of nature. But with a camera in hand that's  just impossible.......Photographers will know what I mean.
Teddy Bear: Wonder why this point is called the Teddy's Lookout but who cares when you are standing at the pinnacle of one of the most breathtaking view points on the Ocean Road. You also get to see the Great Ocean Road which you drive on for one of the most wonderful trips you've ever done.
Testimony of the "Will to Survive": The Loch Ard Gorge stands proudly, after 150 years of having witnessed 2 teenagers who were dragged to its beach and survived a shipwreck when 52 others succumbed to the tragedy. 
The Loch Ard Gorge: GOR Great Ocean Road
WOW: ........seems to exude out of this gentleman who cannot decide whether to look up or down ... whether to stop or walk further on this carpet of autumn leaves.
The Huffing-Puffing Train: The historic train "Puffing Billy" in the Dandenong Ranges is not to be missed when you visit Melbourne. You get to officially dangle your legs out of a running train. What better to awaken the "devil child" in you?
"The Sunset": Sunsets are beautiful..... but like how?? This Blue Mountain sunset can easily compete for the best. 
In the Distance: Streets in Bright are a pleasure to drive through, especially when there is nobody in sight and you can slyly side your car to click the natural abundance in shades.

Color's Galore: A street in Bright, Australia in the Autumn month of May. 
The "BRIGHT" Autumn: Autumn in the town of Bright Australia is beautiful with every nook  and corner lit up with the brightest of Autumn Reds, Oranges, Browns, and of course the greens.
"Under the Bridge": Passing below the Sydney Bridge in a night boat cruise is always an experience
The Opera House Sydney: Attending a performance here is an experience and should be on every ardent traveller's bucket list. 
The No. 1 Tourist Destination of Australia: The Opera House when constructed in 1973 changed the face of Australia in the world and for good reason. 
Lake Waters, Ocean Currents : At Bondi Beach Sydney when you walk along the coast, the crystal clear blue green water in the ocean balms your senses. 
The Rivals: The Sun brightens up in all its splendor to vie for grandeur with the Sydney Harbor bridge. 
Tête-à-tête with the Clouds: Isn't it as if the Sydney Opera house is in conversation with the clouds above? Look Intently. Can you not hear them commute? 
Eagle Rock GOR: Standing lone, bearing calm. 
"Island Archway": At the Lock Ard Gorge. Isn't that gorgeous?
"Sluggish Might": The mighty ocean waves weaken intermittently after repeatedly hitting these rocks of the Archway for centuries... only to gain their strength over and again with every high tide. One wonders whether this is a war between stone and water or a love relationship which will last a few eons.  
"Naturally Favorite": It seems very clear that the ocean is partial to the apostle in the centre kissing and then lovingly slapping and slashing onto the stone...more than the others... making it appear the grandest of the 3.
"Swimming Stones": Did you know they could? Only on the Ocean Road
Jack and the Beeee..en Stalk: Tropical Rain Forests of Southern Australia have a charm of their own.

Awesome Australia

Awesome Australia

A trip to Australia is magical with its varied landscape and natural beauty.


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