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    Graphite on Paper Drawings. Large scale work exploring identity and persona. Self portraits with psychological investigation.
Stretch, From Stretch Series. Pencil on Paper, 15 feet high
From viewer's angle
Gallery Installation view, with a 12 foot celiling the drawing rolls out onto the floor.
Work on Back wall is by Tony Ingrisano
Skin, from Stretch Series. Approx 14 feet high
Ego and Id. Sometimes we act a role or present ourselves the way we feel we need to, rather than who we see ourselves as being. Others may project ideas based on our physical presence
Self portraits, drawn in an investigation of how others see me vs. how I feel and understand myself
Akward, from Stretch Series. 6'6" h.
This Drawing was the first in the series and came about as I tore the paper to my height and began a self portrait. After drawing from the head to the hands I realized it would not fit, so I started at the feet and mashed it up in the middle. 
I grew tall quickly in my youth, and was a gangly teen. Still dont fit in conventional spaces.
Curtain, from Stretch series. Approx 16 feet high
These are Artist's portraits. Each holds a mark making tool.
Sometimes there is a performative aspect of personality. We try on roles as we move through life to discover where we are comfortable and to create our identity.
Artist's Tool, from Stretch Series
Sometimes anger or attitude protect our inner selves.
What tools does an artist have always at his disposal? Can we bring our whole and true selves to every situation?
A more realistic self portrait is incorpratedd to explore vulnerability as strength.
Sometimes our inner selves need a bit of nurture.