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Tree of Life- Peepal tree
Since tree of life was the  topic and I had toillustrate the Indian tree of life , I chosePeepal tree also knownas the “Indian Tree oflife”. Peepal tree is regarded as a very sacred as well as culturally important tree in our country.Also, there are thousands of folklores,stories and myths associated with the tree. Apart from all this, why peepal tree holds much importance is also because it has various medicinal andlife supporting properties. I have added an element of fun to the illustrations which speak about the rich contribution it makes to our society.
India was once famous for its snake charmers.Lord Shiva is associated with the peepal tree and snakes.On Nag Panchmi, in India,the snakes as well as thetrees is worshipped because the snakes dwell on it.Also the illustration points towards the gigantic height and growth of the Peepal tree.
Peepal tree is regarded as the staircase to heaven,so those who commit sins hang on its branches in form of ghosts and those do go good deeds go to heaven.
According to Indian mythology , every Saturday,Goddess Laxmi visits the peepal tree,so it is considered highly auspicious to worship the tree on Saturdays to please the goddess.
It is a polpular beleif that Ghost dwell on Peepal tree and it is their permanent adobe.
The tree houses the Trimurti, the roots being Brahma, the trunk Vishnu and the leaves Shiva.
A popular belief is that Peepal tree releases life-supporting oxygen 24 hours. The illustration shows oxygen cylinder attached to the tree showering the gas 24x7.
The tree is also famous for its anti bacterial and skin friendly medicinal properties. The tree's leaves and barks are used to make medicinal soaps and creams which can give 99.9% germ killing assurance  ( unlike other trees.)
Due to its cultural and religious importance , it isconsidered a sin to cut the Peepal tree. People say that those who cut it ,are punished by the tree.
Buddha Got enlightened under the Peepal tree.Intrestingly, in many states of India, it is believed that if students worship the Peepal tree regularly they would become meritorious!!!
Shows the very famous Vikram Betal story in which the the Betal ( the ghost who asked questions) lived on the Peepal tree.
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