Magnetism Culture Piece

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  • Magnetism: Exude respect, self-confidence and enthusiasm while making everyone around them feel empowered
  • Dimensions 24 feet by 90 feet
    Features over 12,000 employee Instagram photos
    Part 4 of 5 culture installations. Follow me on Twitter @BlakeMcCreary
  • Close-up angle.
  • The view from near the back of the building during the PERQ launch party.
  • Some coworkers enjoying a game of ping pong.
  • VERGE Indy talking during the PERQ launch party.
  • Installation
  • Magnetism time lapse installation video by TKO Graphics at PERQ. (I know it's long, but worth it!)
  • The Design Process
  • I started with a blank block wall 24'x90' in our building. As you can see the left wall is the PERQ Plum swatch color so I have to take that into consideration.
  • Choosing the photo for the mosaic. 
    Miles Kane performing at the NME Awards Tour 2013 at the Brighton Dome, Brighton UK. 21st February 2013.
    Photo credit: Carolina Faruolo/Lebrecht Music & Arts/CorbisCarolina Faruolo/Lebrecht Music & Arts/Corbis
  • Mocking up the photo into the room photo.
  • 12x12 inch images sample one
  • 12x12 inch images sample two
  • Mockup 12x12 inch images full view
  • Mocking the mosaic into the room photo with 12 inch images. (We have to have clarity at a distance so I'll be lowering the image sizes to less than half of that.)
  • 6x6 inch images sample
  • Mockup 6x6 inch images full view
  • Magnetism finalized wall artwork with 4.8x4.8 inch images
  • Here's a panoramic that I took after installation.
  • HDR Photography by @joshhumble
  • About PERQ Culture
  • Want to know more about this project? Watch our President Andy Medley talk briefly about our culture vision at PERQ.
  • Watch VERGE take a scooter tour of PERQ.
  • Check back for more PERQ culture designs soon!