We were asked to craft some nice Bosch TV-Commercials at weareflink and I wanted to give you some insight into the creative process. The first spot we've created is the 30 secs BOSCH "OUTDOOR" COW.

I started out by designing the outdoor planet itself, to see in which direction we drift. At the same time Niko started modelling the Cow. We knew we wanted to go for a polygon-edgy-cartoon look.
After throwing it all together we tweaked some things and created some more assets for the planet. I started texturing the final cow and created a turntable, which we sent to the agency for discussion.
We then started on the animatic. After that had been approved, I started to work on the lightning. I first deleted all materials and just worked with an Ambient Occlusion and an infinite light to get the right light direction and mood for the whole scenery.( scroll down for the stills of the production process )

After everything worked out fine in motion I added and edited the materials and prepared the multipass-rendering for the compositing. In compositing I threw together all the passes tweaked the colors and added some lights, depth of field and dirt on the lens etc.

After wrapping up the 30 secs Cow TVC, we began to do sketches of the next two characters.

I came up with the rabbit and started modelling him in 3D. My very first 3D-Character ever. HA! 
I had a hard, but definitely fun time modelling and finally rigging that crazy thing.

Enough of the talk, go and watch it for yourself!
A Turntable of the Cow
The Rabbit Rig
Some Stills of the Production Process…
Product: TV-Commercial
Client: Bosch Home Appliance, China
Agency: Interone, Beijing
Executive Creative Director: Georg Warga
Creative Director: Kathrin Guethoff
Copy Writer: Brandon Burns
Production Company: weareflink
Director: weareflink
Creative Lead: Niko Tziopanos
Producer: Andreas Lampe
CG Artists & Compositing: Lasse Clausen, Alex Heyer, Phillip von Preuschen, Niko Tziopanos
Sound Design: Supreme Music, Hamburg