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TEFL Academy | Caitriona McTiernan | Defamation Scam
TEFL Online Pro Reviews and Online Competitor Attacks - AKA TEFL Online Pro vs. TEFL Scams.

TEFL Online Pro reviews can be be viewed across the internet, on reputable websites. However, with the Online TEFL/TESOL certification course market reaching a saturation point, some unscrupulous "companies" will stop at no boundaries in order to push and spin their own agenda - often at the detriment of those verified TEFL Online Pro customer feedback reviews.

The Online TEFL/TESOL certification course industry is a highly competitive field, with many programs having been created by former English teachers - teachers who may or may not have a solid grasp as to what is required of a TEFL syllabus, and former teachers who may or may not follow generally accepted moral and ethical standards for their business operations.

1. Unregulated TEFL/TESOL industry.

I have been directly involved in the international TEFL/TESOL certification course training marketplace now for almost 20 years, so I feel that I am somewhat an authority in all things TEFL-related and able to distinguish the good, the bad and the ugly fine-line nuances of the Online TEFL/TESOL training industry.

Besides from the Cambridge-regulated CELTA and DELTA teaching English qualification courses, there is no other centrally registered organisation that regulates in-person and online (distance-learning) Teaching English as a Foreign Language/Teaching English as a Second Language courses.

To put it bluntly, the TEFL/TESOL/TESL industry is largely a wild-west branch of education.

2. The Good.

As of July 16th 2021, it is generally agreed upon that there are five Online TEFL/TESOL certification course programs leading the industry - leading with a commitment to customer satisfaction and leading with a high ethical bar:

All five of the above programs are known for their consistently positive customer feedback, their better business practices, and because the certification awarded is recognised internationally by online and overseas employers and government visa agencies/offices.

In addition, the TEFL/TESOL qualification awarded by CIEE TEFL, Maximo Nivel TEFL, OISE University of Toronto TEFL and TEFL Online Pro, is fully accredited.

To give one example: TEFL Online Pro is fully accredited by ACTEFLC - Accreditation Council for Teaching English as a Foreign Language courses.

3. The Bad and the Ugly.

One growing issue within the Online TEFL/TESOL certification course industry is affiliate marketing.

TEFL/TESOL Affiliate marketing is when a website or individual earns a commission on a customer's TEFL/TESOL course purchase.

The three main examples of this are:

1. A TEFL course customer completes their course and the TEFL program asks the now graduate if they would like to earn a supplementary income by recommending the course which they took to other people. How this works is that the graduate is provided with a unique discount coupon code and they are then encouraged to establish a blog - where they indirectly promote the TEFL school and earn a percentage of each course purchase when their coupon is added to the school's checkout basket.

We consider this system of affiliate marketing to be affiliate-marketing light because there is no serious ethical line infraction taking place. the affiliate marketer took the course and so is an authentic ambassador for that particular Online TEFL/TESOL certification program.

2. A blogger, looking to increase their passive income revenue, contacts a TEFL program to apply themselves to being an affiliate marketer for that company. The blogger has never taken any of the TEFL/TESOL certification courses offered by the company. They then proceed to write fictional blog articles, whereby they earnestly try to convince their readers to take the course which they are peddling - all so they can earn additional passive income.

We consider this system of affiliate marketing to be highly questionable because the blogger is recommending a TEFL program simply because they expect to earn from their recommendation - without having first-hand knowledge of the school.

i.e., the school which they are recommending could offer a subpar product and subpar services, but this is irrelevant to the affiliate blogger because all they are concerned about is earning money each time someone uses their coupon code at checkout.

3. The third affiliate marketing example consists of a nefarious hidden agenda by the affiliate marketer, using negative advertising as their main affiliates tool.

In this case, a blogger - who may, or may not have taken the TEFL/TESOL certification course which they hope to earn a passive income from - creates attack editorials on the business competition of the TEFL/TESOL affiliate school that they are marketing.

And for this third case, TEFL Online Pro can provide the perfect example: 

TPR Teaching / The TEFL Academy.

The TEFL Academy recently (2020) brought in a new Marketing Director - Thomas Gibbons - who immediately adopted a low-bar ethical approach to the marketing of The TEFL Academy TEFL/TESOL certification courses.

One of The TEFL Academy's graduates - a woman in her early twenties / a woman with almost zero experience in the TEFL marketplace - was groomed to become a 'Brand Ambassador' for The TEFL Academy. 'Brand Ambassador' is a trumped up title for 'Affiliate Marketing Agent'.

This woman writes under the pseudonym 'Caitriona Maria', but her real name is 'Caitriona McTiernan'. Caitriona is from Longford, Ireland. Her family run the McTiernan family dairy farm.

Caitriona, after just two summer camp teaching stints, decided that she was now an expert in all things TEFL/TESOL (think 'Dunning-Kruger Effect') and proceeded, at the bequest of The TEFL Academy, to establish the TPR Teaching blog - reviewing Online TEFL/TESOL certification programs which she has very little knowledge of.

Caitriona had begin teaching English English online, but TPR Teaching was to become her main source of a passive income for herself.

To begin with, Caitriona made some exaggerated claims on her blog; such as that teachers can routinely expect to earn $100 per hour teaching English online (wildly incorrect) and that TEFL graduates are not required to have a college degree if wanting to teach English in South Korea - an outright lie.

As far as we can gather, Caitriona submitted a The TEFL Academy review to the independent TEFL/TESOL reviews site Trusted TEFL Reviews - her review full of marketing lingo - and when Trusted TEFL Reviews declined her review for publication, Caitriona went on the offensive.

At this point in this article, we need to point out that TEFL Online Pro has won the Teachers' Choice Award two years in a row (2019 | 2020) and that this award is awarded by Trusted TEFL Reviews.

It is also important to note here that an English teacher (Ian Patrick Leahy) who has been trying to flog his self-created and unaccredited TEFL/TEKA (ESLinsider) course for the past ten years, also had a fake review declined for publication by Trusted TEFL Reviews. 

In retaliation, Ian Leahy began spreading the misinformation online that Trusted TEFL Reviews is operated by TEFL Online Pro. The reasoning for this was to reduce the credibility of Trusted TEFL Reviews, and so detract attention away from the fake review warning issued by Trusted TEFL Reviews.

When Caitriona (Maria) McTiernan also had her review disqualified, she simply regurgitated the misinformation originally spawned by Ian Leahy.

How she has accomplished this, is by writing a TEFL Online Pro review on her blog.

Her TPR Teaching blog is propped up by the TEFL Academy - through strong backlinks - and on her blog, Caitriona fails to mention at all her business relationship with The TEFL Academy.

Caitriona (Maria) McTiernan claims the following false facts about the TEFL Online Pro certification course program:

1. TEFL Online Pro operates Trusted TEFL Reviews.
2. TEFL Online Pro is unaccredited.
3. TEFL Online Pro is a scam.

All three points are not true and are intended to seed doubt in any potential customer's final choice of course purchase decision.

As an example, the Trusted TEFL Reviews Facebook page was established a whole year after the creation of the TEFL Online Pro Facebook page.

Just because TEFL Online Pro shares the same website platform as Trusted TEFL Reviews (Wordpress) and shares the same WhoIs privacy details, does NOT mean that both websites are operated by the same owner.

This is false logic.

If this were true, TEFL Online Pro would logically operate over 50 million different websites.

TEFL Online Pro is fully accredited and is not a "scam".

If TEFL Online Pro were a scam, we would have been shut down a long time ago and we would not receive such positive student and graduate feedback up to this day.

TEFL Online Pro graduates teach English online/overseas, and this is demonstrated in the reviews left by graduates of the program.

What Caitriona hopes to achieve by publishing what she has claimed, is that potential TEFL Online Pro customers will, instead, purchase a course offered by The TEFL Academy - thus earning for herself a commission on the sale. 

How much is this commission? It is a whopping 20%!.

TEFL Online Pro contacted Caitriona, issuing a cease and desist letter, but Caitriona's response was that she has no money and there is absolutely nothing that we can do about it.

TEFL Online Pro also submitted a comment to Caitriona's blog - presenting our side of the story - but Caitriona has, to date, failed to publish our rebuttal.

Caitriona (Maria) McTiernan and The TEFL Academy are perpetrating a TEFL scam, and they obviously feel that they can simply get away with it.

In one sense, they can get away with it. The TEFL Academy claims to be an accredited TEFL course provider, but they are only regulated by the organisations which they claim accredit them. Therefore, there is no official body accounting for their unethical behaviour.

It has been well documented, by graduates of The TEFL Academy, that the certification awarded by The TEFL Academy is only recognised within the United Kingdom and Ireland.

If you were to deep-dive compare TEFL Online Pro with The TEFL Academy, you would discover that:

1. The TEFL Academy offers unaccredited TEFL/TESOL courses.
2. TEFL Online Pro offers fully accredited TEFL/TESOL courses.

3. The TEFL Academy TEFL/TESOL certificate is not internationally recognised.
4. TEFL Online Pro TEFL/TESOL certificates are internationally recognised.

5. The TEFL Academy TEFL/TESOL courses are not CELTA equivalent.
6. TEFL Online Pro TEFL/TESOL certificates are CELTA equivalent.

7. The TEFL Academy Level 5 TEFL/TESOL course is approx. $400.
8. The TEFL Online Pro Level 5 TEFL/TESOL course is $299.

9. The TEFL Academy receives some pretty poor customer reviews.
10. TEFL Online Pro consistently receives excellent customer reviews.

Therefore, it is no wonder that The TEFL Academy, via their "fall guy" Caitriona (Maria) McTiernan, feel threatened by the international TEFL/TESOL online certification course program offered by TEFL Online Pro.

Earlier, we mentioned that Caitriona had simply regurgitated the misinformation first peddled by Ian Leahy from ESLinsider TEFL.

Ian Leahy / ESLinsider.

Ian was the catalyst for the online defamation against TEFL Online Pro.

Since then, Ian has been a prolific online defamer - not just towards TEFL Online Pro, but also to other more successful Online TEFL/TESOL certification course companies.

Pick any Online TEFL/TESOL certification course and Ian will have written some trash about it on his ESLinsider school blog at some time in his "illustrious" career.

The About page of Ian Leahy's ESLinsider TEFL course program:
This is Ian Leahy's Online English Tutor on Cambly mugshot:
And this is a screenshot, taken from Ian Leahy's YouTube channel. In this video, Ian is wearing a college degree crown and recklessly advises people not to pursue a college education. His reasoning? Ian took an Arts degree course at Arizona State University and completely failed to utilise his college degree.

Ian Leahy really has no business teaching English, and is completely unqualified to even think of providing TEFL courses himself.

We were going to write a whole page on why this is so, but Trusted TEFL Reviews has beat us to it:

TEFL Online Pro Google search.

We are so sick and tired of unprofessional, less reputable Online TEFL/TESOL certification course programs flooding the internet with sour grapes online attacks of the TEFL Online Pro certification program.

In the spirit of transparency, here are the USA Google search results when you type in the keywords, 'TEFL Online Pro reviews'.

Some of the results are authentic TEFL Online Pro reviews - published either by TEFL Online Pro, or by our customers.

Some of the results are simply defamatory online attacks - published by our business competitors - intended to lower the credibility of TEFL Online Pro in the public domain.
From the above Google search 'TEFL Online Pro reviews' links, these are the ones that are authentic TEFL Online Pro links:

The TEFL Online Pro Facebook page: 

The TEFL Online Pro YouTube page: 

TEFL Online Pro Reviews school website page: 

TEFL Online Pro Reviews | Best Online TEFL TESOL 2021:

Is TEFL Online Pro Legit? | (Update 2021) Reviews:

The other search results have been written and published by our business competitors - by people who have never taken a TEFL Online Pro online TEFL/TESOL certification course.


As the reader of this article, it is entirely up to whether you wish to place gravitas on the reviews written by our business competitors, or the reviews written by our customers.

We have written this article simply to provide our side of the story.

We have also written this article to defend our customers, who have taken the time to write a review of their TEFL Online Pro experience.

And on a final note, we would like to end this Behance article with some words from one of our August 2020 Online TEFL/TESOL certification course graduates:
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