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    A Poster created to promote 'Play Expo 2013', focusing on the fighting game tournaments that were to be held over the weekend.
Hey all,
This project was completed a few months back now and as I don't have much of my Print design on my profile, What better way to start than with this one.
I created this piece for an event called 'Play Expo' which is a major annual gaming expo in Manchester, UK. The main focus of this poster was to promote the vast number of fighting game tournaments to be held over the weekend.
Individual Elements
Final Design
Close up detail
I highly enjoyed designing this piece and it was well recieved by 'Replay Events' and the wider Fighting Game Community. I was at the actual event and had a great time although I never entered any of the tournaments (I'm no good at fighting games any more lol!)
Thanks to Replay Events for reaching out to me and giving me the opportunity to create this piece for them and helping to promote and be apart of thier event.
You can find out more about them here: http://replayevents.com/
I'll be back with more Poster design soon,
Keep Grinding!!