I   L O V E   S H O E S
    Identity and webdesign
    People love shoes, many shoes. They like buy new models, collect them, care about it. If there is a lot of shoes you need a place where you can keep all of them. The best decision is shoe shelf, which includes many sections for any items. This symbol was used for logo of I LOVE SHOES store.

    L O G O T Y P E
    Like the shelves can be different and the logo has some variations. It has a mathematical proportions and that’s why it’s easy transformable.
    C O L O R S
    White, yellow and brown color palette creates feeling of comfort and easiness with a little touch of luxury.
    C A R D S  H O L D E R
    For corporate cards there were made holders in the shape of shoes. They would be used
    in store cash zone. 

    B U S I N E S S  C A R D S
    White personal business cards (600 g/m2) were embossed over the silk printed text to create imitation
    of the shoe shelf sections. For corporate cards we used chocolate and mustard Murillo Paper (260 gsm).

    W E B S I T E 
    Website design continues identity style. It keeps impression of purity because of new layout
    and color scheme.

  • T E A M :

    art-director — Pavel Emelyanov
    designer — Valeriy Golubzov
    webdesign — Pavel Emelyanov
    photo set — Pavel Emelyanov
    manager — Denis Gluschenko
    visualization — Maria Sinutina
    photographer — Anatoly Vasiliev
    logo animation — Dmitriy Golubevskiy
    print materials — F61 work room
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