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    An experimental display typeface which explores pictographic letterforms
Hadron is a display typeface which reflects the prevailing trends in contemporary typography. It features two variants: a standard set which is a clean and clear sans serif, and an alternative alphabet which emphasises 'pictographic' letterforms. 
The design came from experimentation and sketchbook work; trying to find new and interesting ways of presenting the sans serif letterform. Hadron takes influence from a wide range of contemporary display typefaces and of course the classic geometric sans serifs such as Futura and Avant Garde. Like Futura it emphasises classical proportions putting particular emphasis on the elemental shapes which make up each glyph; the square, the triangle and the circle.
Hadron is a vibrant display typeface perfect for a wide range of contemporary typographic uses. It comes 
complete with open type features which gives access a wide range of extra glyphs and a full complement of accented characters. 
Typeface Designed by Jonathan Martin
Available exculsively from tendollarfonts:
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Available exculsively from tendollarfonts: