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  • Media Playground presents to you the Red Bull Music Academy Centrepiece Wooden Edition…

    This one off unique centrepiece was designed and built locally within Brisbane, using locally sourced suppliers and craftsman. 

    For the wooden edition we used 100% sourced plantation timber, which means where the timber is sourced ensures the cultivation and long-term management of Australian trees across marginal agricultural land. These plantations are all evenly aged, planted and 
    managed, ensuring the lasting life of the Australian environment and its forestry. 

    Our friends at Stuart Bywater Designs have hand crafted this beautiful piece selecting 
    two-toned colours of timber representing the the varying components. They have planked and stressed the timber to give it that authentic and uniquely aged feel to it. 

    Coupled to this our friends at LED Integrations have incorporated an LED installation to
    illuminate the Red Bull sun.