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    A few things I created by hand using the workshop at school.
Here are a few pieces I've made for myself.
The first is a light box that I created for myself using plywood, and ikea led lights.
This is a painting I've shown before, but I wanted to show the way I built the panel.
Here is a piece I created by for the Melting Moments project, the image inside the frame is created by pouring hot wax into cold water, and then covering the wax in gold spraypaint. I created the frame using Mohagony and an ebony wood stain coated in a clear coat. 
This last piece, was also shown before. The construction of the piece was pretty interacate and took me a few days to put together and finish. I placed a polyurathan coating ontop of the acrylic and oil painting inorder to make it water proof. I placed a small water pump inside of the water basen attached to the bottom of the painting inorder to hide the pump and also hold the water somewhere.