Chetverg - fish day

In the Republic of Belarus there is one very old tradition that came from the distant Soviet Union - on Thursdays all meat products in the diet are replaced with fish. On this day of the week in each restaurant, at any catering point only fish products were on the menu, and later a fish day turned into the tradition. My client is an online store of fish and seafood which took its name "Thursday" (Chetverg) implying the famous phrase and its meaning. The slogan of the store is "fish day, every day!"

In 2016, I developed a logo and corporate identity for an online fish and seafood store. In the logo, I combined the fish sign and the fish soup scoop. The project can be viewed here.
In 2021, opened an offline store.

Client -
Photo - @sekatsky_
2016 - 2021
Mogilev, Belarus

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