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    A simple personal project - a brand of wilderness inspired art. www.Ebbing.Co
Ebbing.Co is a simple personal project - a brand of backcountry inspired art. Wilderness and adventure as the muse for artwork, art prints and photography.
In this body of new work I try to push our relationship with a static image beyond the original moment into an almost dreamlike state. Layers of color work and illustrated lines push the perceived space and natural boundaries of these sculptural mountains.
The famous mountain. The mighty Matterhorn. The exceptional becomes the common. A comment on the commercialism of wild places. Fittingly, purposely, this piece is an exception for me in that it's not based on my original photography.
Ebbing.Co art print. The photo this piece is based on was shot while walking the snowy summit ridge of Treble Cone in New Zealand's Southern Alps. The inclement weather offered only fleeting glimpses of the craggy ridges and steep chutes in the valleys to the South.
Ebbing.Co art print. I had to dig down deep to stop shivering and hold still when the shutter of my camera snapped to capture the image this piece is based on. The high peaks in New Zealand's Fiordland grew like giants out of the clouds between torrents of snow and rain.
Ebbing.Co art print. This piece is based on a photo shot shortly before summiting Mount Brewster in New Zealand's Southern Alps. With skis on our feet, we would soon float thousands of vertical feet back down out of the clouds, back down out of the dream.
Ebbing.Co art print. I took this shot while climbing out of the snowy bowls behind the Cadrona ski field in New Zealand's Southern Alps. In the distance, I could see a line of my tiny footsteps running along the rocky spine of this long, beautiful ridge. I remember feeling like I had been walking on the clouds themselves.
Ebbing.Co art prints shown in stock 16x16 Lexi walnut frames via Michaels.