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»Posthuman Society 2021+« by Coco Nova Estèle Schätzke

These signs were made to be used. 
Feel free to download them and spread awareness for a fair community that will help us humans reconnect and redefine ourselves.

This project has been incredibly eye-opening. It changed my view of life and will continue to do so in the future. I would really enjoy connecting through this project, no matter who or where you are on this planet (or another one). Who knows, maybe this was just the beginning with a lot more to come?

In case you would like to contact me about my work you can reach me via email. 


Special thanks to Dr. Francesca Ferrando, 
the incredibly inspiring philosopher behind all of this. Without her fascinating work, charming personality and powerful vision this project and it's wonderful effect it has on my life right now would not exist. I have only been reading about philosophical posthumanism for a few weeks now but it already affected me quite a lot. Even though there probably still is very much for me to learn about this way of life, I have already started to inspire my personal surroundings and beyond, spreading awareness about this absolutely essential ideology.

Thank you Jazmin Quaynor for offering your visual art that I used as background images on unsplash.com (@jazminantoinette).


If you would like to learn more about this subject I recommend these links. 
They also were my main references while working on this project. 
Especially the crash course on YouTube is easily accessible. 

CRASH COURSE "THE POSTHUMAN" - Introduction to the posthuman by Dr. Francesca Ferrando 
http://www.theposthuman.org - Website of Dr. Francesca Ferrando

For even more in-depth knowledge I also recommend her most recent book “Philosophical Posthumanism”, released by Bloomsbury Publishing on June 27th 2019.

Thank you for your kind attention!

Coco Nova Estèle Schätzke

July 2021,
B. A. Communication Design student at 
University of Applied Sciences Berlin

Feel free to follow my personal journey 
and contact me on Instagram @supernovacoco
or via email soenkesch@web.de

Templates – »A current design catalogue for future themes« 
Of finding and creating – A speculative semester 

Together in a group of 13 students, design solutions, suggestions and thought experiments for future needs and scenarios were developed in speculative models and scenarios. The result was 26 thematic worlds, concepts and case studies - as the basis of a derived template. These works are bundled as a catalog and are available for general use. Thus, we already provide visual answers to questions that will only be asked in the future. A major semester project in SS2021 at the HTW Berlin in the communication design course under the direction of Carsten Giese. 

Participants: Rahil Alamshahi, Maximilian Herrmann, Elen Lamer, Finne Löwe, Senya Novosel-Pejovski, Carla Noelle Martini, Ella Meunier, Yanqi Qin, Coco Nova Estèle Schätzke, Laura Schwoch, Caroline Strachwitz, Lisa Grazia Viggiani and Shawn Wannapat
»Posthuman Society 2021+« by Coco Nova Estèle Schätzke

»Posthuman Society 2021+« by Coco Nova Estèle Schätzke

Educating widely about philosophical posthumanism could solve many, if not most of the international problems humanity is facing in the 21st cent Read More