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Behind The Records is a Recording Academy campaign responsible for the Grammy Awards created by TBWA \ Chiat \ Day Los Angeles. The project intends to recognize the several professionals who work inside the album productions, most of the time invisible. In 2019, the project created alternative album covers for streaming platforms that figured the names of the producers, sound engineers, technicians, drivers, and musicians, among others. For 2020, besides repeating the credit covers, a frame-by-frame movie was produced to quote 33 academy-awarded records. The animation narrates the importance of those music professionals. 

The project had two main challenges. The first was the deadline of 20 days and the second was that we couldn't portray the records or artists in an obvious way. Those demands positively influenced the art direction decisions. We've chosen contrasting colors and dynamic transitions, and drawing styles, using colors and shapes to create highlighting keyframes. For the final scene, we designed many characters to compose a multitude of music professionals.

Client: Recording Academy. 

Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day Los Angeles.

Art Production: Pedro, Pastel & Besouro.
Art Direction & Lead Concept Artist: Eduardo Rosa. Art Management: Lucia Angélica. Illustration: Pedro, Pastel & Besouro (Douglas Lopes, Eduardo Rosa and Felipe Lui), Diogo Saraiva, Lucas Fiacadori, Stomp Design (Miopia, Loud and Leandro Dexter).

Production: The Youth and João Machado. Post-Production: COLOSSAL. Direction: The Youth and Maldita DUO. Editor: João Machado. Production Management: Daniel Maia. Production Management Assistant: Lu Krasa. Graphic Research: Fernando Denti. Storyboard: Tiago Kogi, Gabriela Zanatta, Bianca Nassar and Bruno Guerreiro. Animation: Deco da Viola, Natália Faria, Guma Nutinski, Pedro Peluso, Gabriela Zanatta, Danila Ribeiro, Pedro Solano, Gui Klein, Bruno Brasil, Lucas Fiacadori and Fernando Rangel. Clean-up: Thallyson Mikael, Debora Teixeira, Mateuz Fernandes, Lucas Batalha, Lucas Ficadori, Gui Klein, Bruno Martin, Jonatas Freire, Maurus Maciel and Pedro Solano. Composer: Karlos Schirmer, Michel Takahashi, Vinicius Kluge and Jabuka. 3D: Jabuka. Rigging Motion: Wes Castro and Freter.

Music: Canja Audio Culture. Music Director/Arrangements: Eduardo Karas. Sound Executive Director: Filipe Resende. Sound Creative Director: Lucas Sfair. Drum: Guilherme Moreno. Sound Engineer: Levi Mynssen. Studio Coordinator: Ana Flor. Sound Design: Pedro Sol & Diego Zorrilla. Recording Studio: Nicos Studios .Technical Support: Guima Drum.

Special Thanks: Bruno Regalo, Anh-Thu Le and Renato Fernandez.

Behind The Records | Animation
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