Probably the quickest project I've ever got to do. Two weeks along with other assignments! I've decided to jump through it without really thoughtful concept and research, and when it's all over I realized I can really do better. I have to say I mess up the photography and executions and bad cuts but I'm glad I do it on time.
*notes: this project is fictional (no actual place or product) so if there is any similiar actual thing it is a real coincidence and I apologize. All materials are pure for educational purposes
The menus. The illustration is made by me :) A5 Size each, white for the cakes and black for the beverages. Trying to make a card-looking simple menu (I personally enjoy menu that looks like a card than a book)
and I really do messed up the photography....
Design and Photography : Lhala Sanjaya
Size: 5.5 cm x 5.5 cm (business card), A5 (menu card), 5 cm diametre (tags), 14 cm x 14 cm (broschure)
Materials: 210 gram art paper laminated both sides in doff + chrome stickers
Name: La Rouge (cupcakes and coffee)