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The Third Kind Pebble
Industrial Design
The third kind pebble 
Design by Min Seok Kim @yymmdd for KT&G
Photo by KKJ Photography

yymmdd studio designed KT&G's e-cigarette concept model. The Third Kind Pebble, like its name, has an unfamiliar form and CMF. We wanted it to look like something from a third outer space.
Through this, we wanted to convey a strange feeling to users beyond the design of existing e-cigarettes. We first studied good grip. Priority was given to the natural feeling of holding in the hand rather than the standardized form. So, we studied the optimal shape through a study mock-up. And as a result, we created a new shape, 'The Third Kind Pebble'
In addition, we designed not only the shape but also the color, texture, and detail to look unfamiliar. This device is not just an industrial device, it has good usability, but it gives a visually unfamiliar feeling and looks like an art piece.

The Third Kind Pebble