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    A digital photo exploration of different views of a window and, eventually, the photographer.
Window Study
Amid the Roman History...
This exploration is totally characteristic of my photographic process. This time, I was just sitting in my room in the middle of studying, struggling and slogging through my reading. I allowed myself this break when the raindrops on the window pane were all that I could bear to look at after all the words. I began, and as I often am nowadays, I was drawn in closer by my curiosity and desire to find interesting and unexpected frames of my window, curtains, blinds, and their immediate surroundings. As I worked, the rain stopped, the clouds cleared, and fascinating light shone through my window; it was angled unusually (I guess I'm not in my room at that point in the sun's arc very often).

I have grouped these selections in chronological order, chosen from the 97 pictures I took over the course of nearly an hour. I am interested by the eventual self-involvement of this shoot, because I often end up in my own photos apart from the photographer's implicit job of manipulation of settings and composition and the depressing of the shutter, whether as self-portraiture (which this is, conceptually, not) or as just another part of the composition (which this certainly is). I participated in these photos in two ways other than being the photographer: One, as a visual part of the composition, and Two, as a physical manipulator of the subjects (holding the strings in an intentional position
as I took the photo).