crazy birds
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    editing birds to kill some time by Orbán János
on the left: Brainsucker hummingbird ( the most wicked bird on Earth)
on the right: Wolly Hen from South-Eastern Asia (It's weight can reach 70 kilogramms)
on the left: African Constork (It specialized in saving frogs.)
on the right: Sirian Fork-tailed Pigeon (fearful hunter, it capable of standing still for days, while waiting it's unsuspecting prey. It sticks up the captured prey to its fork-tailed tail feather with its wings, then its slice up with its knife like beak. The Sirian Fork-tailed pigeon is close relative to the barn smallow)
on the left: North-Chinese Karate falcon (it flies in front of its prey, then kills it with one single kick)
on the right: West-Californian Anteater bird (it pushes its head in front of itself on the ground, this way it can spy about the whereabouts of the ant. If it finds a hole, it waits. It waits patiently. It's wings vestigial, but its feet strong pushingfeet.
on the left: Cannonball Bird from Kamchatka (fast winged predator, it drills itself in to the body of the prey, then it lives inside the prey until the cannonball bird consumes it completely)
on the right: Australian dustbeak cockatoo (its main nutrition is the coconut. Basicly its has a neruous, nature, and if it has a bad mood, you'd better avoid it because it can really hurt you with its pinch.)
on the right: Swiss Multifunction Bird (its capable of singing, fishing and hunting. With the help of its wing spins itself and then shoot itself to the air and slicc it like an arrow.)
on the left: Pirate pigeon (It captures the messenger pigeon, then it takes the carried message by violence, then it tears apart it.)
on the right: Pigeon pub
I dunno what to be bird
Malagasy dishevelled wabler
on the left: Suggesting bird (It can force it's will to anyone.)
on the right: Wide-footed sowing-rook (Between it's two feet the distance is exactly one row, so it won't hurt the sowing.
On the left: Puli Bird (It's always vigilant, and it likes to sheperd the flock of birds, especially Sheep Birds.
On the right: Sheep Bird
In the middle: Sheperd Bird ( The boss of the Puli Bird. It tells to the Puli Bird where it has to  sheperd the Sheep Birds.)
On the right: Eggliving Shrike (It spends it's all life inside it's eggshell, that protects it from the wind and rain, because it is very sensitive to these. In windless weather it sticks out it's eyes, which are  sitting on pedicels, and searching for a nest with eggs. If it finds one, then it sits between the eggs and waits for the parenting bird to return with food. If it's stomach full, it walks away.
Supine Bird (Uncapable of flying,its wing are vestigial. It pushes and pulls itself with the help of its feet. It eats everything what it finds, and because of that in some places it called Cleaner Bird. It has a very bad temper, and not friendly with other birds.