STROKI - Branding Logo and Identity design


STROKI - is a web development company from Russia. They create websites, apps and programs for different spheres and they never wanted to be trivial digital developers. Even their naming is specific. The word "stroki" is russian, it means "lines" or "strings", lines of words,expressions and of course lines of code. These guys see their job as an art, they are creators - they code, they type, they express, they write.

The main idea of their brand is "Life made of code". Coding is a process of linear creating. So the visual
identity of the brand should be not only digital, but logical and consistent. All started with the logo - it is made of lines, lines of code and digital features. It is not easily readable, it is invisible, as a code. And the graphic style inherited this specific technic of visualisation, so the brand became not linear, but really lined.

 Logo and Identity: Ruslan Abdullaev
 Art direction: Artem Gaisin

 Motion-design: Viktor Konovalov
 Motion-design: Alexandr Zhukow
 Director: Mikhail Mogilnikov
 Producer: Kate Sukhanova

STROKI - Branding Logo and Identity design