YUMMY Vintage

In love with Fashion, Sustainability & Uniqueness.

The client: Yummy is a fashion store in Berlin that sells handpicked vintage from Italy. Their goal: bringing the vibe of "La dolce vita" to northern Europe by selecting classic pieces and special cuts in the best conditions and of high quality materials. And of course - by following a 100% sustainable strategy.
The design: We developed a branding system that plays with handmade watercolor illustrations which interact with a bold typographic concept and romantic details. The branding is not only represented on their new online shop, but also decorates the all sustainable packaging collection we created for them. We focused on recycling paper and craft paper as materials and worked only with local printers to be in line with their philosophy. 
The media: Furthermore, we came up with a social media concept and design, a marketing campaign, a photo shooting of their summer collection and a rework of their tone of voice in order to create a consistent brand image throughout all channels.

Art & Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Packaging Design: Design Studio B.O.B.
Assistance, Illustration & Design: Maria Tsilomitrou
Webshop/ UX & UI: Elisabeth Bos
Marketing Strategy, Tone of Voice & Copywriting: Daniel Olea
Campaign Shooting: Design Studio B.O.B. feat. Daniel Olea

YUMMY Vintage
Multiple Owners
Design Studio B.O.B.