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Design for NGO's

Bachelor project, 2021, deadline 4 weeks

For my bachelor, I created a tool box for NGO's, in order to optimise their communication and keep a consistent brand - without help from design studios - so they can focus their ressources on their main purpose. 

The tool box includes:
- a brand guide describing everything form tone-of-voice, costumer journey, to grids, use of images and SoMe strategy
- templates for posters, flyers, SoMe posts, PowerPoint, business cards etc.
- logo in different formats
- visual elements 
- tutorial videos

I used NGOPilot as a case, but the system is applicable for all NGO's.
Examples of how the poster and flyers templates could be used
Selection of the pages in the detailed brand guide, that I created to help the voluntaries in the NGO 
Examples of how the templates for SoMe posts could be used with the call-to-actions from the brand guide
Thank you for watching! If you want to know more please visit www.dalvaskov.com
Design for NGO's

Design for NGO's