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    This project got an recognition from the Gullkalven Award for good design and concept.
Packaging design assignment. Norwegian School of Creative Studies
collaborative project (Espen Hansen, Pia Ringstad, Jon Schaug, Wai Wai Chung Tsui)
Packaging Design for a Norwegian farm. Herdalssetra is a mountain farm which was first registered as a food producer in the beginning of the 1600s, and in the first Norwegian census in 1769 the farm was given the count id GNR.50. The farm has roots dating back to Viking age. The farm is still operated as a mountain farm where they produce traditional organic Norwegian food.

By branding the product line with the original farm number to create a link between the long tradition of food production and the pure organic way the products are manufactured.

By using black and white images with strong contrasts it is the exclusive and the history is in focus. The pictures show what the package contains and makes the product marketable in countries that are not familiar with Norwegian cousin ore language.

The entire product range is designed with the idea "foods as a gift item". 

The Construction: Packaging consists of four levels.

- An inner box containing the product. This box is made of plastic material, according to the strict Norwegian food laws and is transparent to show off the product.

- Two external boxes that surrounds the inner box and protect the product. These are designed with an opening off three cm. creating a "window". These boxes are made of BioH, a polystyrene like material of soy. This material is 100% biodegradable and can also be used as animal food. (www.bioh.com)

- The picture faces of the packaging (outer layer) is organic-paper. The paper is drawn around the length of the packaging as a "band" with openings at each side. The band has a "window" that extends the entire length of the packaging. creating a visual floating effect between the "floor" and the product inside.

- The fourth and final level is the label (logo, product name, nutrition, eco-labeling and a brief explanation about the product). The label is a sticker pasted over the top on the container and down the back. It has a gloss finish that provide a tactile contrast between the two outermost levels.

The four smaller boxes (dried fish, goat cheese, herbal tea and sweets) is 1 / 4 of the height of the big box with the "fenaråret", to simplify packaging for transport and placement on store shelves.